Wepper Auctions

Sell ​​with Wepper Auctions!

To sell a product at auction, please contact us either by email or telephone. After contacting the customers (contributors) will receive a form by email. In this form you fill out information such as brand, model, serial number, quantity, condition (defective, used or new). Contact details, IBAN and the desired minimum price must also be provided.

The consignors then send their devices to us (special exception: in the case of non-movable devices, they remain on site, as is the case, for example, with heavy machine tools).
We can also organize transport upon request.
The data such as serial number, model and minimum price are specified in the auction registration.

After the auction has been successfully completed, the maximum price will be paid out to your account within 21 days at the latest.

3,2,1 Contact us by email at info@wepper-auctions.com!!!